Insurers manage auto repair
claims better with Arnie

The comprehensive solution to manage
every aspect of your auto claims processes

The phone rings.

It’s another escalation. Another unhappy customer, wanting to know when they’ll receive an update on the claim they filed several weeks ago.

Your claims staff couldn’t find any information in the system, other than two separate entries for the same claim, and a note that a quote was requested for the repairs.

After calling the repairer directly to follow up, they send over a quote. It seems high but you have no way of benchmarking the cost. You want to expedite the claim but first, you need to confirm the workflows for this province.

The problem is simple.

  • There’s no centralised system for both monitoring claims and interacting with repairers
  • Inputting claim details is labour-intensive and prone to errors
  • It can take weeks for assessors to process regional claims
  • Cross-checking quotes with price lists takes time
  • Every province has its own workflows

That all changes with Arnie. Arnie helps you process claims faster, cheaper and more accurately.


Eliminate duplicate efforts and time-intensive manual inputs with Arnie’s automatic workflows, designed to adapt to even the most complex of requirements across the country. Claims staff, managers, assessors and repairers can easily access everything they need – quotes, photographs, vehicle details, part lists, claim status, task lists and more – to update a customer, monitor claims or prevent costly delays.

User friendly

The system is intuitive and integrates with your existing workflows for ease of use. Messaging, dashboards, alerts and clear audit trails on claims make it easy to monitor claims, catch red flags and follow-up with repairers or assessors.

Cost effective

Arnie is a cloud-based platform, with no hardware to maintain or data to back-up. Automatic workflows and remote assessments reduce labour costs while repairer ratings, part lists, competitive quotes and vehicles guides help reduce repair costs and repair time. Vendor worklists and dashboard alerts keep claims moving along.

Customer approved

Insurance is a competitive industry. A fast, transparent claims process helps retain and attract customers. With Arnie, claims staff can quickly see where things stand on every claim, escalating tasks before they become a liability and providing customers with real time updates on their claims.

How it works

Policy holder
initiates claim
Claims staff create
the claim and
request a quote
from repairers
Assessor analyses
quote and
approves repair
or writes
off loss
Repairer or
salvage agent is
Workflow is
monitored until
Invoices matching
approved quotes
are paid

Use Arnie to manage every aspect of your
auto repair claims processes:

  • Vendors
  • Quotes
  • Repairs
  • Salvage
  • Communications
  • Claim status
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Factoring

It takes minutes to:

  • Compare providers
  • Request one or more quotes
  • Notify assessors of quotes awaiting review
  • Initiate the repair process
  • Connect with a salvage agent
  • Bring up part lists
  • Check the status of a claim
  • Provide an update for a policy holder



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