Robust reporting to optimise
your auto repair claims process

Knowledge without visibility and access is useless. Luckily, Arnie is designed to gather and store every piece of data – from vehicle details and industry pricing standards to staff productivity – in one intuitive, user-friendly repository. Inform your processes, empower your claims staff and generate powerful insights to reshape how your organisation serves policy holders.

How it works

Arnie collects real
time data
Data can be stored and
aggregated for BI analysis
Generate custom reports or
use the report templates
within the system
Use the data and reports to
inform your decision making

On demand reporting

Access complete, high quality operational data anytime on Arnie and utilise it to drive down the average time and cost per claim, improve performance and enhance the customer experience. Create operational or financial reports. Report on jobs by zone, by assessor, summaries, average fees by category, fee estimates vs fees paid and more. All reports can be represented by graphs, tables and cross tabs and includes the ability for simple calculations.

Easy benchmarking with industry and internal data

Save up to 20% per year on repair costs with Arnie’s automated checking of parts prices. The system’s access to industry data, such as car or parts pricing, labour costs for similar repairs and vehicle valuations, eliminates the time-consuming process of manually feeding the information into the system or searching manufacturers’ websites for the information. Assessors can quickly verify if repairers are charging market prices and whether to proceed with repairs or write off a vehicle, reducing unnecessary rework.

Control costs

Prevent surprise invoices. Arnie requires repair shops to provide quotes and estimated turn times on repairs before work approval can be issued. Approved quotes are binding and can only be changed if a variation request is submitted by the repairer and approved by the insurer. Bills that don’t match approved estimates won’t be paid. Benchmark prices of parts and repairs and competitive quotes bring further transparency to the system, preventing invoice padding or unexpected surcharges.

Streamlined data

No more chasing down claims staff, assessors or repairers for the information you need. And no more digging through endless folders or emails for a data point. Arnie is a centralised repository for everything you need to process claims better, faster and more intelligently. Compare providers or access industry pricing data. Quickly report on key variables, including expenditures and provider and staff productivity. Everything you need is right here.

Business intelligence is done better with Arnie.

  • Measure productivity
  • Assess performance
  • Run scheduled reports
  • Create your own ad hoc reports
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Access industry data

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