Save time and money on auto repair
claims by automating your processes

Manual processes cost insurers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Double entry of data and back and forth communications waste time, compromise data integrity and leave your team and customers in the dark about what’s happening with a claim.

Arnie enables you to create automated workflows for your auto repair claims processes, boosting efficiency across your supply chain and reducing costs for assessment, labour and repairs.

How it works

Store claim
Track job

Eliminate paperwork

Reduce your reliance on paper for small to large claims, and everything in between. Arnie is fully automated, eliminating paperwork and freeing up precious storage (or desktop) space for insurers and their assessors, repairers and salvage agents. Workflows automatically trigger requests for documentation, alerting all relevant parties. Hard copy documents are automatically scanned and attached to work orders, so no paperwork can go missing or be entered twice. This makes auditing easier, and reduces administration costs for all parties.

Streamline workflows

Arnie provides you with the tools to simplify your workflows, no matter the number or complexity of scenarios you handle. For repairs, Arnie automates the engagement of service providers, from the online quotations process to final invoicing. Repair work orders can be allocated based on supplier performance and cost. If your company operates in multiple states, Arnie can handle each state’s preferred processes for managing repairs. And if a claim is deemed to be total loss, notifications are sent to the proper contact. Arnie is integrated with salvage companies and the appropriate claims and transport authorities.

Make your supply chain more productive

Because everyone in the repair process is linked into the same network, transactions are seamless and efficient. When assessors or administrative staff are ill or away, other team members can step in and take over, ensuring the repair process isn’t held up. Repairers can quickly communicate variations to repair jobs and secure an immediate go-ahead. Assessors and repairers can upload photographs of auto accidents in rural areas, so assessors can make their assessments remotely, enabling them to manage a much larger workload.

Improve your customer and policy holder experience

By cutting costs without compromising efficiency or transparency into the claims process, insurers stay competitive and improve their customer experience. By automating processes, insurers can quickly determine whether to repair or replace a vehicle, how long repairs will take and update customers accordingly. Close-out surveys yield valuable customer insights into the process while providing them with the opportunity to become involved.

Boost efficiency by automating your auto repair
claims processes with Arnie.

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Minimise duplicate efforts
  • Simplify internal and external workflows
  • Stay informed throughout the claim process

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