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Take control of your auto repair
claims process with these features


Save time and money on auto repair claims by automating your processes on the cloud-based Arnie platform. Automatic workflows, customised to your organisation’s needs, streamline your processes and make it easier for your team to process claims efficiently. Assessors, repairers, salvage agents and industry utilities always have real-time access to the worklists and updates they need. Process steps are triggered as tasks are created or completed within the system. Email notifications keep key stakeholders in the loop throughout the process.


Centralise all your tools, communications, stakeholders and industry data on one user-friendly platform. Arnie links insurers with assessors, repairers, salvage agents and their unique systems, to ensure complete visibility into the process and minimise back and forth. Tasks are completed within the system, so you always know what’s going on with every claim. Repairer performance ratings, car valuation guides and parts lists make it easy to make informed decisions. Arnie is tablet and iPad friendly, so assessors can access the system anytime, anywhere.


Manage every aspect of the claims process from start to finish on Arnie. Monitor claims, repairers and costs with ease. Compare and select repairers from a location-based list. Arnie maintains a comprehensive database of repairer capacity and performance ratings, so you can select a provider with confidence. Submit requests for quotes to one or more repairers. Worklists and dashboards give you at-a-glance updates of claims in process and alert you to any that require attention.


Make stronger, data-driven tactical and strategic business decisions. Arnie’s robust reporting capabilities provide powerful insights into performance and productivity across your organisation and vendors. Use standard, pre-defined reports on a range of variables or run custom reports on any topic with Arnie’s easy drag and drop reporting interface. Create dashboards, export data, schedule reoccurring reports or generate reports on demand. Leverage repairer relationships for volume-based pricing.

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