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Claim management software that
streamlines the auto repair claims
process for insurers

OVER 12,400



Manage your auto claims better. Instant access to what’s happening with every claim

Arnie streamlines the auto repair claim process for insurers by automating workflows, linking key stakeholders, repairers and industry data – car valuation guides and parts lists – into one centralised platform.


  • Create customised workflows
  • Task completion triggers next steps


  • Enable assessors to request quotes and assess claims remotely or on-site
  • Connect with over 14,000 registered repairers, salvage yards and industry utilities


  • Monitor claims process from start to finish
  • Report on costs, repairer performance and more

Arnie reduces the cost of claims, cuts repair times in half and keeps you in the loop from the moment the claim is filed to the second it’s closed out.

Automated workflow

Create operational efficiency, maintain data integrity, reduce duplicate entries and efforts with automated workflows

Connects insurers, repairers and salvage agents on one centralised platform for streamlined claim process management

Extensive repairer

Connect with over 14,000 registered repairers

Access strong repairer networks in QLD, TAS, WA and SA (currently expanding to other states)

Supporting 17 different quote packages

Transparent repairer
selection process

Choose the best repairer for every claim by reviewing repairer performance ratings, location and work capacity

Request quotes from one or more vendors


Works with repairer quoting and invoicing software

Direct integration with insurer policy systems enables all claim details to populate within Arnie


Create ad hoc reports, dashboards or scheduling functions to enable automatic processing and delivery

All reports can be represented by graphs, tables and cross tabs

Utilise report templates or the easy drag and drop interface to create custom reports or export data

Real time
job tracking

iPad and tablet friendly for real-time updates in the field

Claims staff can quickly access job status while the customer is on the line

Improve customer

Process claims faster and keep customers in the loop every step of the way

Remote assessments expedite claims processing for rural customers

Make better

Utilise repairer performance reviews and industry data on current and historical costs for parts and labour to select the best provider

Reporting results provide insights into productivity and costs

Robust security

Set access permissions to control who sees and interacts with your data

Auto save and real-time updates preserve data integrity

All data stays in Australia and is encrypted in transit and at rest

Control costs

Variations must be submitted for review and approved

Industry parts prices and vehicle valuation guides enable parts and labour cost benchmarking

Take control of your
auto claims processes
with Arnie.

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